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Wiley Processing, LLC


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Get to know us! 

Wiley Processing, LLC is a family owned business right here in the heart of the plains.  We sit in the Southeastern portion of Colorado, where farming and ranching are main means of survival.  We pride ourselves in having complete control of the entire production process to ensure we deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We offer quarters, halves, or whole beef to our customers. Beef is ready to head to the processing plant! Call us today for pricing! 

Everything We Offer

USDA Inspected Processing Plant

EST. #1686

Sanitary Work Environment for Processing 

Locally Raised and Processed

We know where our meat comes from, you should too!

Call for scheduling today! 

We offer a variety of beef, swine, and custom processing and are able to customize your experience to fit your needs. 

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